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More than a paycheck. A purpose-filled partnership.
When you join the RCA team, you become a critical partner in our vision to see that each child in our program would come to know without a doubt that Jesus loves them. As followers of Christ, we are called to be Kingdom-Ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:20) and to make disciples and teach them to obey God's commands (Matt. 28:19-20). Join a team that makes this a daily priority through truth-seeking, bridge-building, servant-leading, and faith-keeping for the glory of God!

As a group of believers, we seek to cultivate a God-honoring employment experience where Ephesians 4:12,  "to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up," is an everyday reality. Keep reading to see how RCA equips you for daily service in His kingdom, and invests in you as a Partner of Purpose!

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21 reasons you'll love rca

1. Kingdom Priorities

At RCA, you're more than a babysitter. You're actually even more than an educator. You're a Partner of Purpose, prioritizing showing God's love and sharing His truth everyday.

2. Christian Coworkers

Prayer and encouragement isn't random. It's the daily norm.

3. Weekly Staff Prayer Meeting

Each Monday at 6:30am, we invite staff to come together in prayer for the week.

4. Owners On-Site Every Day

Our owners care about what happens at RCA. They are on-site every day as a resource and support for you and your classroom.

5. Fully Developed Curriculum

The Experience Early Learning Curriculum, used at RCA, is every teacher's dream. Their system uniquely weaves 35 research-based skills into everyday games and projects.

6. Ready Made Lesson Plans- ALL Materials Included

Spend less time on prep, more time on curious discovery with your children. Our curriculum system includes
daily lesson plans and award-winning materials organized by day and ready to go.

7. Regular On-Site Professional Development Trainings

No need to drive to Atlanta on a perfectly good Saturday for a training. We host fun and engaging Bright from the Start approved trainings regularly right here at our center to help you continue in ongoing professional development. 

8. Casual Dress Code

No skirts or heels required. Live in comfort, even at work, with our easy, yet presentable dress code. 

9. On-Site Fitness 

When you aren't working, visit our employee only fitness center and utilize our on-site equipment any time the doors are open! 

10. Free Meals & Snacks

No need to pack a lunch box. We've got you covered with daily prepared, healthy, and delicious meals, including breakfast, lunch, and two snacks every day.

11. Health & Safety = Top Priority

The health and safety of all of our children and staff is a top priority. Our secure entries, mandatory background checks, and clear health & safety protocols create a comfortable and trusted work environment.

12. No Nights, Weekends, or Holidays

Always make it home on time for dinner, never miss a Sunday service, and enjoy holidays with those you love most.

13. Competitive Pay

We strive to exceed our competition with the best pay in the area. 

14. Childcare Savings

Every day is "Bring Your Child to Work Day." All employees receive a 50% discount on childcare.

15. Paid Time Off

Earn up to 3 weeks of Paid Time Off within your first year! Stay with RCA longer and receive more PTO as the years pass.

16. Referral Bonus Program

Help us recruit more like-minded talent, and get rewarded!

17. Scholarships & Tuition Assistance

Learn & grow while you teach and care. Get your CDA or college diploma through our Decal Scholars partnership.

18. Financial Planning Tools

Invest in your future with our financial planning app and employee savings accounts.

19. Self-Service Payroll & Direct Deposit

Paystubs & clock-in/out records at your finger tips! No cashing checks or waiting around for clearance. Your money in your account on time.

20. Effective Onboarding

Thorough orientation sessions, one-on-one training, and a full knowledge-base at your fingertips for reference. We take time to ensure you are trained and fully equipped to succeed in your position.

21. Exceptional Recognition & Appreciation

We love to celebrate our employees year-round. Whether it's teacher-appreciation week, your birthday, or a regular Tuesday, we plan to recognize your value on our team any chance we get.

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