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Redstone Children's Academy is committed to providing healthy food for our children. Research shows that poor nutrition due to an unbalanced diet can hamper brain development, negatively impacting information processing, language skills, and behavioral development in children. RCA's Nutrition program was designed to combat these negative effects of poor nutrition. We only serve fresh or flash frozen fruit, vegetables, meats and whole grains to ensure each child is receiving the best nutrition possible while in our care.


our commitment to you!

  • All lunches and snacks are based on a careful selection of recipes that focus on supporting brain development and healthy eating habits.

  • All meals are prepared fresh daily with whole grains, lean proteins, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

  • We eliminate as many processed foods as possible.

  • We teach good eating habits at a young age by serving a variety of foods intended to expand children’s palates.

  • Our Mindful Nutrition program is at no additional cost to families.

  • All meals are lovingly made by our chef just as parents would at home.

  • We cater to most food allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences.

  • Our meals contain no food dyes, seed oils, artificial additives and are prepared in a nut-free kitchen.


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