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Contributing to the overall sense of community, uniforms create a sense of belonging and unity, which can positively affect children’s attitudes toward school, lead to better learning and improve attendance, which is why Redstone Children's Academy requires uniforms in our Lil' Learners program. Uniforms are optional for children enrolled in the Lil' Movers program. Uniforms are available in the Ranger Shop in person and online. 

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Benefits of School Uniforms

1. Community

Just as a sports team wears matching uniforms to identify as a group, school uniforms accomplish something similar by helping children feel like they are not just visiting school, but actively participating in school. Our children and teachers wear uniforms with the Redstone Children's Academy logo to promote school spirit and belonging.

2. Focus Shift

It's no secret that we live in a world that sometimes promotes unrealistic and immodest beauty and fashion standards. As children grow, they begin to observe more and more about the way the world works. By limiting some of those distractions during the school day, we hope that children begin to learn the value of internal character over external clothing. It has also been suggested through studies that school uniforms encourage positive behavior and better school attendance.

3. Save Money

Many parents find that investing in a few uniform pieces is much more cost efficient than purchasing an entire wardrobe for the school year. RCA's school uniforms are economical and designed to withstand regular washing and wear!

4. Morning Ease

Agreeing and deciding on what to wear can make any parent's morning stressful. Uniforms take the debate away and give you one less thing to worry about as you begin each day. 


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