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Art Class


3 - 4 Year Olds

Our Early Learners program invites children to be an active participant in their learning. Their day is full of hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities that provoke creative thinking and are simply a starting point for a child’s imagination. As children express their interests through art, music, dramatic play, and storytelling, their teachers adapt learning experiences to embrace and further these interests. Our daily rhythms offer routines and experiential community building opportunities for children to practice and learn how they fit in communities, how to problem-solve social challenges, and how to play kindly and cooperatively in groups.

Colorful Alphabets
Wooden Toys


Every detail has been thought through in our Early Learners classroom. Each play area has been designed with learning materials and rotated toys that encourage curiosity, imagination, and developmental growth.

Preschool Class


At RCA, we know that children thrive on routine. While every day is a little different, children know what to expect when they arrive at school, because of the consistent flowing rhythms put in place. From arrival to departure, your child will be learning and growing!

Speech Therapist


Every day, while interacting with your child, our teachers are observing how they engage with and respond to different activities. This helps your child's teacher to know exactly how to best challenge and assist your child with future activities.



Our Early Learners Curriculum is enhanced through programs, practices and activities that go above and beyond your expectations. Each feature is set in place to encourage a healthy and happy environment for every child in our program.

Friends talking


Connecting with you each day is just as important to us as connecting with your little one. With our Parent App, you will never be left to wonder how your child's day went.


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Kids in Preschool
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