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Art Class


Our enrichment classes offer an opportunity each day for children to venture outside of their classroom to engage in a broad range of activities and experiences that excite them about learning. Through this enrichment program, we aim to promote high engagement and challenging learning opportunities for all children.


Chapel Service

Each week, our children participate in a chapel service where they engage in a time of worship and word time. Our Biblical Concept of the week is introduced, and our time is ended by practicing our monthly memory verse and prayer.

Book Club

Our children love to go to Book Club each week for a special story time. While visiting, they get to pick out a new book to explore throughout the week. Children bring their "reading buddies" (stuffed animals) to help them make the best book choice. 


Fine Arts

At RCA, we want our students to learn to appreciate not only the history of art and music. We want them to value local artists, musicians, and authors, as well. That is why our Fine Arts program covers it all, and even gives students an opportunity to express their own creativity through visual arts, performing arts, and creative storytelling.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Though our classrooms are screen-free, we understand the value of teaching children skills in these areas, which is why every week they are invited to experiment with hands-on cause & effect scenarios and activities.


Life Skills

In our Life Skills Program, children are introduced to a variety of skills and activities that will last a lifetime. Some days they may learn to cook, help with a community project, learn about goods and services, or discuss good hygiene and eating healthy.


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