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2 - 3 Year Olds

At RCA, we know that toddlers are curious and full of energy! Our program was designed to fill their days with challenging and engaging activities to keep them stimulated, learning, and growing. In our Master Movers program, you’ll find carefully selected equipment and materials that spark new interest and curiosity daily. Our caregivers interact with and observe your child each day to create individualized learning plans for each toddler. No matter how your child is growing, we help them reach their highest development and potential.


A Typical Day



In our Master Movers classrooms, children follow a daily schedule. Our Caregivers utilize daily routines to meet each child's physical and emotional needs all day long.

Girl on a Tricycle


Throughout the day, children participate in pre-planned, developmentally appropriate activities! Your child will be reaching new milestones every day.

Cute Boy


Every day, while interacting with your child, our caregivers are observing how they engage with different activities. This helps your child's caregiver to know exactly how to best challenge and assist your child with future activities.

 Girl Painting with Brush


Our Master Movers Curriculum is enhanced through programs, practices and activities that go above and beyond your expectations. Each feature is set in place to encourage a healthy and happy environment for every child in our program.

Friends talking


Connecting with you each day is just as important to us as connecting with your little one. With our Parent App, you will never be left to wonder how your child's day went.


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