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Children Reading the Holy Bible


At RCA, our vision is to encourage and empower kingdom-ambassadors with Christ-like character to impact their community through truth-seeking, bridge-building, servant-leading, and faith-keeping for the glory of God. Through our program, we pray that each child would come to know without a doubt that Jesus loves them. That is why every day, through every interaction and through on-purpose activities, we point children back to Jesus!

Children Praying

Weekly Chapel Service

Why Chapel?

Each week, children attend a weekly Chapel service where they learn about worship and God’s love through Bible stories, Bible verses, prayer, and songs. We believe this time is important because it allows children to experience the basic movements of worship: gathering as a body, listening to God’s word and instruction, responding to God in prayer and song, and being sent back to the classroom for learning and service in God’s world. Our chapel is led by an amazing group of volunteers from local churches. If you are interested in joining our chapel team, please email us. Please note that all volunteers must pass an extensive criminal record check.

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Biblical Themes

August 2023

God is the Light

Story: John the Baptist

Memory Verse: Psalm 119:130

November 2023

God is Just

Story: Adam and Eve

Memory Verse: Revelation 15:3

February 2024

God Asks Us to Love Our Neighbors

Story: The Good Samaritan

Memory Verse: Mark 12:31

May 2024

God is Wise

Story: The Parable of the Sower

Memory Verse: James 3:18

September 2023

God Cares About My Body

Story: The Miracles of Jesus

Memory Verse: Psalm 139:14

December 2023

God is Love

Story: The Nativity

Memory Verse: John 3:16

March 2024

God is the Only God

Story: Jesus is Tempted in the Wilderness

Memory Verse: Isaiah 45:14

June 2024

God Cares About My Home

Story: My Father's House

Memory Verse: John 14:1

October 2023

God Asks Me to Be Brave

Story: Esther Saves the People

Memory Verse: John 8:32

January 2024

God Asks Me to Seek Him

Story: The Parable of Talents

Memory Verse: Luke 12:34

April 2024

God Asks Me to Obey

Story: Jonah and the Whale

Memory Verse: Ephesians 6:1

July 2024

God is the Creator

Story: Creation

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1

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Hide N' Seekers Christian Children's Music is often found playing in

our classrooms. Click the links below to listen along at home.


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