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Pre-K Newsletter

JULY 2024: "EcoVenture"

Important Dates & Reminders

Summer Vacay!

Don't forget! We will be closed July 1st through the 5th for "Summer Vacation." Enjoy your time with family and friends, and we will see you again on July 8th!

Teacher Work Day

Please note that Redstone Children's Academy will be closed on August 2nd for a Teacher Work Day!

Move Up Day

Exciting News! On Monday, August 5th, we'll be celebrating Move Up Day. Ms. Brooke will be reaching out to families individually to discuss classroom placement for your child based on their age and development.

Open Enrollment

Spread the word! We are currently enrolling for the fall semester, beginning August 5, 2024!

Happy Girl in Nature

This month's Theme:

Summertime is full of mystery and new adventure! In this month's curriculum, "EcoVenture," your child will explore the sights and sounds of their natural environment as they create nature-based art. They will investigate, discover, and experiment in the outdoors as they hone their observation skills and become nature detectives.






Bible Story/Memory Verse:

Untitled design-23.png

The Creation Story
Gen 1:1

Happy Turtle


Check your child's "Take Home" drawer each day for notes about their art projects!

Topics We'll Explore:

WEEK 1: July 8-12

Climbing Trees

Building with Trees

Painting Trees

Counting in Trees

Writing with Trees

WEEK 2: July 15-19

Floating in the Air

Flying in the Air

Breathing in Air

Colors in Air

Listening to Air

WEEK 3: July 22-26

Measuring Water

Sorting in Water

Moving Water

Washing with Water

Cooling Off with Water

WEEK 4: July 29-August 2

Digging in Dirt

Drawing in Dirt

Patterning in Dirt

Living in Dirt

Playing in Dirt


Dear Parents,


This first month has been so very exciting. Our friends learned all about the story of Jonah and the Whale. Our bible verse this month was on obedience. “Children obey your parents in the lord, for this is right,” Ephesians 6:1. All the kids have worked so hard and have learned the verse and love to show everyone. Our class also spent each week learning about ourselves. Week one was all about our bodies and how they work and what makes them bend and move. Week two was all about our senses and how they help us to learn about the world. Week three was all about the clothes that we wear and how other animals cover themselves. We have had so much fun learning all about us this month.

When we get back from 4th of July break, we have another amazing month planned. We will be learning all about the earth around us. We will start by learning about the trees and how they help us and how we can help them. Week two is all about the air and sky. We will learn about how animals fly, how the wind feels and sounds, and about what you see when you look up in the sky. Week three is all about water. We will learn how it is

measured, how it moves, and how we can use water in our lives. Our final week of the month, week 4, is all about dirt. We will discover how it looks and feels, and how we and other animals use dirt. Our bible story this month is The Creation Story in Genesis 1-3. We are getting so excited about learning new bible stories in our class. Our new bible verse for the month is Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." All the kids are so proud once they learn the verse by heart and love to show everyone. We have started off with the best of friends and cannot wait to learn, discover, play, and praise God with all we do here at Redstone Children's Academy! Our Rangers are learning to go out and be world changers!

Mrs. K

Lead Teacher, Pre-K

Redstone Children's Academy

Summer Learning!

Here are a few ideas to encourage your child's learning all summer long:

A book a day keeps the chaos away. The simple routine of having quiet time with books can offer a needed rest in the early afternoon. Try reading one book with your child, ten invite them to select 3-4 books to take to a quiet spot.

Share the work of real-life jobs. There are many meaningful jobs for preschoolers to do in the summer, from watering plants to fun outdoor chores, such as washing toys and sweeping out the garage.

Eat the alphabet for a healthy mind and body. Keep a pack of letter cards on the table. Find the matching letter card for the beginning sound of each food that you and your child eat. How many days does it take to eat the whole alphabet?

Highlights from June:

(Please note: We respect the privacy choices of all families. Photos in our monthly recap are included only with a parent or guardian's permission through our Media Release. If you would like to update your child's media release form, please reach out to our First Impressions Team.)

Kids in Preschool
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