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JULY 2024: "EcoVenture"

Important Dates & Reminders

Summer Vacay!

Don't forget! We will be closed July 1st through the 5th for "Summer Vacation." Enjoy your time with family and friends, and we will see you again on July 8th!

Teacher Work Day

Please note that Redstone Children's Academy will be closed on August 2nd for a Teacher Work Day!

Move Up Day

Exciting News! On Monday, August 5th, we'll be celebrating Move Up Day. Ms. Brooke will be reaching out to families individually to discuss classroom placement for your child based on their age and development.

Open Enrollment

Spread the word! We are currently enrolling for the fall semester, beginning August 5, 2024!

Happy Girl in Nature

This month's Theme:

Summertime is full of mystery and new adventure! In this month's curriculum, "EcoVenture," your child will explore the sights and sounds of their natural environment as they create nature-based art. They will investigate, discover, and experiment in the outdoors as they hone their observation skills and become nature detectives.

Books We're Reading This Month:

WEEK 1: JULY 8-12


"Get Close to Nature"
A Guessing Book

WEEK 3: JULY 15-19

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 2.06_edited.jpg

"Here Is the Beehive"
By: Experience Early Learning Company

WEEK 3: JULY 22-26

"A Pond Party"
A Forest Friends Book

WEEK 4: JULY 29-2


"Squirrel's Adventure"
A Follow the Path Book

Happy Turtle


Check your child's "Take Home" drawer each week for details about our weekly activities!


Happy July, Master Movers!

Get ready for a month full of learning and fun! This month, our toddler class will be exploring all things summer with exciting activities planned to keep your little ones engaged and exploring. We had a blast this last month reading our weekly themed books, making super fun art, learning what different pets eat, and above all how we can be a good friend to everyone! We can't wait to build on that foundation this July!

Weekly Themes:

Week 1: (July 8th - 12th) 

Get Close To Nature: This week, we'll be stepping outside and exploring the wonders of our natural world! We will learn about different patterns and textures in nature.

Week 2: (July 15th - 19th) 

Buzzing with Fun: The Beehive! Let's learn all about busy bees and their amazing hives! We'll practice our counting, sing songs about bees and flowers, and learn about the importance of these little pollinators.

Week 3: (July 22nd - 26th)

Pond Party: This week we are continuing to learn how to be a good friend! In the story of the week, the forest friends escape from the hot summer sun. This story will help us think about including everyone and sharing space!

Week 4: ( July 29th - August 2nd)

Squirrelly Adventures: This week, we'll explore the world from a squirrel's perspective! We'll make a nature collage, practice identifying the letter s and its sound, and matching acorns by color and/or shape!

With lots of love,

Ms. Destiny

Lead Caregiver, Master Movers

Redstone Children's Academy

Highlights from June:

(Please note: We respect the privacy choices of all families. Photos in our monthly recap are included only with a parent or guardian's permission through our Media Release. If you would like to update your child's media release form, please reach out to our First Impressions Team.)

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